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I don’t care what people say about this expansion, but I’m gonna really miss Pandaria



what if the horde insignia is a naaru

The horde insignia is a naaru

Elune is a naaru


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Yes this is how my tabs look like

Why do you ask

That post about the new Warrior Glad stance somehow made me remember one thing.

You know that shitty feeling when a person you used to hang out with reminded you on almost every occasion how the stuff you like is shit, your opinions are shit, etc. etc.

And you never really said anything in response, even if at times it was annoying as heck, and then you tell that person to fuck off and you don’t talk anymore.

And then you sit and think that “man, after all you’ve said, I should have told everything I think about you because in the end it wasn’t even worth trying to be the “good person” and put up with whatever”

The things I regret lmao.



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I have often wondered because of that statement how long a lighty-deader would survive before they just *FOOF* blew away as an ash cloud. After all, you can only burn so many times before there’s nothing left, right?

it’s not actual fire burning, just a lot of ouch

from cdev:

When undead use or are healed by the Holy Light, does it cause them any actual damage or harm, or does it only cause them pain (in addition to the intended effects of the spell)?

Channeling the Light in any way, or receiving healing from the Light, only causes pain. Forsaken priests do not disintegrate or explode from channeling the Light for an extended period of time… though they may wish they would.

Are there long-term effects on an undead who is in regular contact with the Holy Light in a positive way?

It is difficult to say, as there are no known records of undead wielding the Holy Light before the Third War. There are reports, however, that some Forsaken have slowly experienced a sharpening of their dulled senses of touch, smell, etc., as well as an increase in the flashes of positive emotions that have otherwise become so rare since their fall into undeath. Unfortunately, this may be the cause of the Forsaken priesthood’s increased attempts at self-destruction; regaining these senses would force the priests to smell their own rotting flesh, taste the decay in their mouths and throats, and even feel the maggots burrowing within their bodies.

i know the argument is that every single forsaken priest is supposed to be one of the shadow and they can only do holy magic for game mechanic reasons but a lot of this gives the implication that yes, it does happen. not frequently, but enough to discuss


Except a priest and a paladin are two completely different things, just like an elemental shaman and a fire mage are completely different even though they both use fire.  Paladins are not simply priests in plate lol. 

Most priests seek to balance Light and shadow.  They have not rejected either form of magic, and neither magic has rejected them (unless you’re undead, in which case you were severed from the Light).  They walk along a middleground whereas paladins lean sharply to the Light side.  Unlike priests, paladins reject shadow completely.  

Since the Forsaken are basically born from powerful necrotic magic, the shadow is forever part of them.  It’s what animated them, in some cases it’s what drives them still.  Undeath itself spits in the face of the Light.  The Forsaken can grasp for the Light but the Light doesn’t exactly welcome them.

Generally speaking a paladin is supposed to be a paragon of the Light (supposed to lol).  Their power is directly linked to their faith.  For an undead to aspire to such a zealous and powerful state of faith, they’d have to sacrifice what makes them undead: their physical form.  True death is their redemption; it’s the only way they’ll ever be as connected to the Light as a paladin.

This is clearly not true for everyone (“not all corpses”) but undead paladins are faaaaaaar far away from the realm of possibilities for the greater Forsaken population, to which average Forsaken players belong.

This is also why worgen cannot become paladins.  For a worgen to reject all shadow and become a paladin, the shadow curse that created them would need to be purged/reversed/whatever.  The result would be a gilnean human paladin, not worgen.  Since priests accept shadow, worgen can still be priests.

((btw this is in response to why blizzard hasn’t done X class/combo — this is NOT about individual RP characters I LITERALLY DO NOT CARE WHAT YALL DO WITH YER TOONS NO ONE DOES JUST DO WHATEVER MAKES YA HAPPY OK <3))


when u excited about something and ur friend isntimage

Cats are amazing animals, how can people not like them. They’re like small domesticated demons and that’s awesome.



They can be holy priests. Sir Zeliek in Naxxramas uses the Light, and he was friggin’ scourged. I like the lore they added for Sunwalkers, don’t get me wrong, but if they can add that in, Forsaken Paladins are far less of a stretch.

yo so like I said in my tags, just because 1 forsaken npc can do it doesn’t mean player characters should also have the same power.  

Do you know how fucking powerful Zeliek is to use the Light despite being a corpse? DO YOU KNOW

your freshly rezzed corpse toon aint got shit on Zeliek

also, in canon, forsaken priests are all shadow because not only have they ALL been cut off from the Light (FORSAKEN), the Light itself literally burns them up THE LIGHT PURGES THE UNDEAD so a forsaken wielding the Light like it’s no biggie is kind of really super impossible.  To use the Light to the extent a paladin does WOULD LITERALLY KILL THEM (AGAIN)

obviously for gameplay reasons undead priest players can switch to holy or disc, but canonically this isn’t possible outside of EXTREMELY RARE individuals (Zeliek)

ALSO before you bring up those undead alliance paladin mobs in icecrown I don’t think a random cluster of nameless trash mobs is reallya solid reason for a new class/race combo im just sayin

AND before we bring up the Scarlet Crusade their intense hatred of the undead is inexplicably stronger than the magic that damned them, which really doesn’t work for player characters.  Honestly nothing about the Scarlet Crusade makes sense but whatever. Safe to assume Scarlet Crusade are outliers, and even Blizzard isn’t interested in doing anything with them outside of that tiny little questhub.  

no undead paladins 4 u

I love how Warcraft lore is in such a mess that the whole fandom is constantly confused about everything haha. But yeah, I do think the Forsaken, at least most of them are too messed up to become Pallys, not even taking the whole “it will burn you to death” thing into account. At least in the lore.  




people who think Forsaken should be paladins or canonically practice the Light in WoW have a fundamental misunderstanding of the term “forsaken” 

are we disregarding lore books involving forsaken priests? i think most people want forsaken paladins just because it would mean the horde also has three available paladin classes, though.

If we’re talking balance then the next paladin race should belong to the alliance, and it should be night elves.  Moon paladins pls.

If the horde randomly got a new paladin race, trolls make INFINITELY more sense since they actually DO have a history of zealous Light-wielding (presumably) warriors, the Freethinkers. 

Troll paladins make a helluva lot more sense than a bunch of self-destructive beings that literally go against everything the Light is about lol

Yep. Although if we look at the game and lore, Forsaken paladins are a possibility, I think, since, like many others pointed, there are Forsaken priests. And it’s something that still confuses me a lot, since I don’t really get how it’s even possible, seeing how the undead are… well, like you said. Unless the Forsaken paladins would be either similar to the Scarlet Crusade who still wielded the Light while doing a lot of horrible and shitty stuff, or it may be a very small group that are still actually good and may want to follow the true teachings of the Light. Idk. It’s all weird. There was even a death knight who used the Light, wasn’t there? Zeliek, was it?