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Lead us to victory, general.

Wait is this shit out? if so I need to get my sub back up. I already have it pre-ordered.

Not yet friend. Sadly we must wait til November

Ok, I think this sums up why I personally will always be a bit more of a hordie.

On the Alliance you are a grand fantasy hero who gets the elaborate set up and welcome.

On the Horde, you are greeted by a ragtag bunch who is pretty unorganized but will cheer their hearts out.

Both are awesome, but for me? The second one. Every time.

To be honest, i like this, i think that horde is great because you are welcome more as an equal, but the alliance its also great because you are welcome as a hero.


asperatus cloud x


Goblin dudes!

Like seriously, how can one not like goblins?

Also, one of them is a new character of mine that will appear here and there… You guess which one :D

*screams* Why do people keep trying to lecture me on WoW lore because they assume I don’t know something. If I don’t know a thing or am not sure about it - I’ll ask people who know or can come up with the best explanation for something, jfc

umbrarex asked: penny's ridiculously large and fluffy cloak is twofold: TEXTURE for the dude who can't feel a whole lot any longer but still goes through the motions of touch and trying to remember that sensation, and also because the bigger the cloak the bigger the... no okay its for totally /serious/ things like the rest of his armour is for dumb shadowy blood magic shit (prototype totally gets itttt) because i'm a dweeb that thinks its cool. also tempted to say in general dks want giant cloaks because batman


MAN I made that post just kind of as a joke because the abundance of fuzz amused me, I didn’t expect it would get so many serious answers and that so many people had actually thought out the purpose of their fuzz.

Almost makes me feel terrible because literally the only reason Oliver has a fuzzy cloak is because drawing Beelzemon and his bomber jacket 98752034875 times as a young teenager gave me a deep-seated love for drawing fuzzy things and I always have at least one character with fuzz.

What are logical reasons?? ? ?

I laughed hard since Beelzemon’s probably the reason I like drawing fluffy collars\clothes as well lmao

  • me about to talk in public: *rehearses what im going to say 50 times in my brain*
  • me: today how you are

Also, SUDDENLY Zul’dar’s  shaman apprentice, Aanara. 

She’ll finally get to do stuff, although without Zul’dar, unfortunately.